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Hiking Magura

Hiking Magura – come to over 1000 meters altitude with us

Hiking Magura – Neat gardens, beautiful houses, made in a unified tone, with flowers everywhere, enclosed in the immediate vicinity of the majesty of the Piatra Craiului give you, for a moment, the feeling that you have stepped into a fairytale land. On the hills you see flocks of sheep, reminding you that you are, nevertheless, in a village where shepherding was once the main occupation of the locals.

This place really exists, and the village is called Măgura

Hiking MaguraIt is a mountain village in Romania, located in the heart of nature. Here, technology has not really made its presence felt. The roads are largely unpaved. The winters are usually quite harsh, and the locals lead their lives in a quiet way. We are waiting for you to join us on a trip called Hiking Magura. You can come alone or surrounded by family or friends. This trip is also dedicated to children. The trails are not very difficult, and can be done even by children without any problems.

Hiking Magura – why would I choose this destination?

Once you get here, you have the feeling that time has stood still, and the pollution and urban noise we are used to are completely missing. Geographically, the village is located in the Piatra Craiului National Park, and the karst relief, dominated by gorges and caves, gives it the appearance of a fairytale setting.

Magura is for many a place in another world, more peaceful, carefree, clean, hopeful, fresh air, simple life, a place where you can also feel God closer through the wonderful places around you. The village of Măgura is the perfect place for those who want a little escape into nature, for those who need a few moments of relaxation, for nature and hiking lovers and for all those who feel the need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. We invite you to choose Hiking Magura and discover this special village.

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